Branding & brand voice

We tell our clients all the time: you are a brand, whether you know it or not!

You don’t need to have a logo, TV commercials, or worldwide recognition to be a brand. Your brand is the full collection of all the materials you use to show off your business to the world. That includes your logo and your web design. It also includes the words you use, words that sound like you wrote them.

SCS Creative leadership has worked with major brands across the United States and beyond on the “little details” that communicate a brand message. Our work ensures that brand messaging through text, graphics, and positioning is always on point, to your liking, and most of all, makes sense with your brand.

Call us today to start:

  • Brand development consultation
  • Style guide development (for language and graphics)
  • Updating brand messaging
  • Brand identification and positioning
  • Crafting mission/vision statements