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Meet SCS Creative Writers and Staff

Stella Morrison CEO

Stella is a former award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience in what she lovingly calls the “words” industry.

Stella landed her first staff writing job when she was just 18, working for a consortium of central New Jersey community newspapers. She stayed in journalism for eight years, earning first-place recognition from the New Jersey Press Association for her work covering superstorm Sandy’s damage in the Garden State. Working with a diverse set of subjects -- and learning quickly to write about them on an expert level -- was an essential component of her work, something that has prepared her well to tackle any subject in content marketing.

With local journalism’s future uncertain, Stella hung up her press credentials and joined the licensing and brand management industry. There, she worked closely with multiple internationally-recognized consumer electronics brands, collaborating with designers to ensure brand continuity and healthy, identifiable, and unique brand voice.

Stella opened SCS Creative in 2015 after noticing a need for talented, serious freelancers, the increasing demand for freelance writing over full-time staff writers, and the ever-growing importance of content writing for digital marketing. Since then, Stella has helped small business owners, digital marketing companies, PR firms, large corporations, product licensees, and much more formulate their brand voice and make a difference in the marketplace.

Adam Uzialko Staff Writer

Adam is an award-winning journalist with bylines in an array of local, regional and national publications. His areas of expertise include blockchain and cryptocurrency, business and finance, entrepreneurship, cannabis, politics and government, and technology. He has won awards from the New Jersey Press Association for Police, Crime and Courts Reporting and Environmental Reporting, as well as second runner up for the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists’ Wilson Barto Rookie of the Year award.

Max Freedman Staff Writer

Max is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer with an uncanny ability to learn quickly and adapt to any writing style. His specialty is in music and culture, with a healthy resume of bylines in publications such as BandCamp, Paste, and DIY. When he’s not writing, Max can be found exploring new cities, trying new vegetarian fare, and meeting new four-legged friends.

Asher Weinstein SEO Consultant

Asher is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. His work has generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients. He consults SCS Creative clients on keyword choice, sitemap consultation, and website user experience, lending his expert advice to shape content writing plans and maximize their impact on search engines.

Meet The Creative Network

Sometimes, content needs a little something extra to go with it -- a well-designed flyer or a mobile-friendly website, for example. We can refer out to select industry partners who can make it happen for your business.

Website Development

SCS Creative can refer you to website developers on the Squarespace and Wordpress platforms, depending on client needs and preferences. We have relationships with experienced and proven website developers who can build, rebuild, and manage your website on an ongoing basis.

Graphic Design

The visual element of your brand is just as important as the words you use. To that end, SCS Creative partners with talented graphic designers to create logos, print collateral, illustrations, photography, and much more.

Growth Marketing

Utilizing digital, print, and even direct mailer marketing can take your message to the next level. We partner with a growth marketing firm which takes a unique data-based approach to your marketing to best maximize your reach while utilizing the most effective advertising avenues for your product or service.

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