Website Content & Development

Your website is your first line of offense — and defense.

It’s your digital billboard that tells the world exactly who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why you are the best option above and beyond your competition. Without an up-to-date website, a business will struggle to attract new customers and may even have difficulty retaining existing ones.

Well-written content serves several purposes in several ways. It is well-organized, full of features, and brings the most mundane of subject matter to life. It incorporates key phrases that are understood by search engines and by the consumer.

Website content subconsciously communicates the message of your brand, your business, your product. By using a website content writing company, you bring in fresh eyes that can evaluate your services as a customer and shape the message as such to others.
At SCS Creative, we offer:

  • Website content writing for new websites and website redesigns
  • Sitemap structure and web design consultation
  • SEO copywriting for landing pages
  • Writing featured product descriptions, on a one-time or rotating basis
  • E-commerce writing
  • Writing for Amazon and eBay
  • Writing web content requested by retailers for dotcom listings

Once your SEO copywriting is complete, let us help you display that content in an easy-to-navigate, up-to-date, and well-designed website. Our exclusive partnerships with leading web design firms can handle your new or redesigned website from start to finish, without having to coordinate between different companies. Best of all, when we’re done with your site, we make sure that you’re the one in control. There’s nobody standing between you and your new site.