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by | Mar 29, 2016 | Facebook, Smart Strategy

Facebook is an ever-changing platform that requires attention and concentration in order for it to work effectively. Unfortunately, recent adjustments have made it nearly impossible to break into someone’s news feed organically. It’s smart for Facebook: businesses have to advertise in order to reach anyone, including the bulk of their existing followers. It’s a pain for everyone else who enjoyed easy advertising on the social media giant.

That doesn’t mean that Facebook is out of the picture, though. The mega platform has developed many different ways to elaborate what your business does, turning a Facebook page into a source of detailed information.

You may have noticed a recent nudge to add services to your page. The “Services” section, which Facebook rolled out last September, gives you the opportunity to detail what your company or business offers. It’s a simple, easy way to add more content to your Facebook page, and it takes up prime real estate front and center:


Check that out! What you do will be right front and center!

Well, more like front and to the right.

This new section is a prime opportunity to tell Facebook users (and those googling your business) more about your most popular services or products. Instead of blindly filling it out or doing it in a rush, take these tips to craft a section that maximizes your information.

Fill out all that you can. Under the “Services” tab, click on the blue “Add A Service” button. A pop-up will appear, which provides space to fill out a name, description, price, and upload a photo. While listing prices for services is something you may not want to publish, the other three sections are crucial! The more information you give Facebook, the better the platform works for you.

Consider spacing and text limitations. Service names are capped at 40 characters, while descriptions are capped at 200 characters. While it may seem smart to max out the allotted 200 characters, this could awkwardly cut off the sentence and look like a mistake or sloppy work. To avoid this, try writing shorter descriptions that will fit in the box. This takes some trial and error.


scs creative content marketing nj


Use photos to your advantage! In the example above (taken from our own Facebook page), the text fits well, but it looks a little empty. We want to draw people’s attention to the services page, and photos are a foolproof way to get people to pay attention to your material. Photos break up text, helping readers digest smaller bits of information. We added some photos after this screenshot was taken — check it out here.

Resist the temptation to write everything. There are only three spots that show at the top of your Facebook page. Can you pick your top three services? Can you describe your top three services in 200 characters or under? If you’re having trouble, it may be time to give us a call.

Is this still overwhelming? Take a few moments to read some past blog entries about Facebook, or reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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