Meet SCS Creative Writers and Staff

Stella Morrison

Founder and CEO

Stella is a former award-winning journalist with more than a decade of experience in what she lovingly calls the “words” industry.

Stella landed her first staff writing job when she was just 18, working for a consortium of central New Jersey community newspapers. She stayed in journalism for eight years, earning first-place recognition from the New Jersey Press Association for her work covering superstorm Sandy’s damage in the Garden State. Working with a diverse set of subjects — and learning quickly to write about them on an expert level — was an essential component of her work, something that has prepared her well to tackle any subject in content marketing.

With local journalism’s future uncertain, Stella hung up her press credentials and joined the licensing and brand management industry. There, she worked closely with multiple internationally-recognized consumer electronics brands, collaborating with designers to ensure brand continuity and healthy, identifiable, and unique brand voice.

Stella opened SCS Creative in 2015 after noticing a need for talented, serious freelancers, the increasing demand for freelance writing over full-time staff writers, and the ever-growing importance of content writing for digital marketing. Since then, Stella has helped small business owners, digital marketing companies, PR firms, large corporations, product licensees, and much more formulate their brand voice and make a difference in the marketplace.

Max is a Philadelphia-based editor and writer with an uncanny ability to learn quickly and adapt to any writing style—and help other writers do the same. At SCS Creative, he manages several accounts, edits much of the content that other writers create, and keeps everything on a tight schedule. Outside SCS Creative, you can find him writing even more, as he’s also a music journalist and critic with a healthy resume of bylines in publications such as MTV News, Pitchfork, and GQ. 

Max Freedman

Managing Editor

Hannah is a content writer with experience in feature writing, SEO content, social media content and copywriting, and blogging. She brings a knack for storytelling and fresh perspective to her work, highlighting the unique accomplishments of her subjects. Her areas of interest include fashion, health, beauty, and entertainment. Hannah’s previous experience includes being a fashion, wellness, and features writer for magazines in the greater Minneapolis area.

Hannah Harms

Staff Writer

Isaiah Atkins is a writer who specializes in creating SEO-driven content and blogs. He has experience covering health, entertainment, business, and food-related; however, his versatile writing style and practiced research skills allow him to create content for a wider range of subjects. Even when not creating marketing copy or blog posts, Isaiah is typing away at his keyboard, steadily working on his first full-length novel.

Isaiah Atkins

Staff Writer

Shayna is a freelance content writer and producer who enjoys helping businesses communicate their specialties and brand values to current and prospective customers. She has been passionate about writing since she received her first journal when she was five years old. She’s worked for TV news stations, live production companies, and radio broadcasts outside the writing world.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find Shayna with a camera and microphone in hand, as she also enjoys storytelling through videography. Outside of work, Shayna stays busy by traveling, playing the piano, and spending time with friends and family.

Shayna Waltower

Staff Writer

Natalie is a New York based writer with extensive freelance experience creating a wide range of content, including blogs, feature interviews, social media content, email campaigns, and more. Her primary background includes journalistic work covering everything from music, film, fashion, and art, to politics and social justice, to technology, to motorcycles and pet gift guides. As a versatile writer, she has also produced a considerable body of marketing work for small businesses. Outside of writing, she is proud to be actively involved in organizing in her Queens, NY community.

 Natalie Hamingson

Staff Writer

Jess is a writer who specializes in long-form content, snappy ad copy, and everything in between. Armed with a journalism degree from her beloved mountain town state school, Jess’ journalism foundation taught her the importance of research and an objective viewpoint. She cares for words the way a gardener tills the soil patiently awaiting new life; she holds stories above all else. But when she isn’t incessantly gushing over words, she finds solace in nature; she takes pride in being an amateur ballerina, and she’s always on the hunt for vintage treasures.

Jess Napp

Freelance Writer

Braden brings experience in SEO content, copywriting, sales, and marketing to the SCS Creative team. He enjoys writing about tech, sports, business, and finance. When not working, Braden enjoys playing the guitar, watching basketball and reading, and is currently training for his first marathon.

Braden Hirschi

Freelance Writer

Rachel Ehrenberg brings experience in blogging, SEO content writing, and social media content to SCS Creative. Her areas of interest include writing about health, entertainment, and athletics. Prior to joining SCS Creative, she was a contributing blogger to The Mighty and RSDSA.

Rachel Ehrenberg

Freelance Writer

Jane’s beginnings as a writer were in journalism; however, her work now runs the gamut of multimedia communications. She has the most experience writing long-form and short-form content on arts and entertainment, culture, and public health infrastructure. She is committed to storytelling in all shapes and forms and is always looking for the opportunity to expand the scope of her writing. When she is not using writing to bolster the values of other organizations, she writes short fiction and sings in an acappella group.

Jane Godiner

Freelance Writer

Meet The Creative Network

Sometimes, content needs a little something extra to go with it — a well-designed flyer or a mobile-friendly website, for example. We can refer out to select industry partners who can make it happen for your business.

Website Development

Sometimes, content needs a little something extra to go with it — a well-designed flyer or a mobile-friendly website, for example. We can refer out to select industry partners who can make it happen for your business.

Graphic Design

The visual element of your brand is just as important as the words you use. To that end, SCS Creative partners with talented graphic designers to create logos, print collateral, illustrations, photography, and much more.

Growth Marketing

Utilizing digital, print, and even direct mailer marketing can take your message to the next level. We partner with a growth marketing firm which takes a unique data-based approach to your marketing to best maximize your reach while utilizing the most effective advertising avenues for your product or service.

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